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What is a motivational essay and why do I need one?

A motivational essay is basically a paper introducing yourself to some type of organization. It provides some insight into personal qualities and traits that can’t be determined in other documents. Some of the different types of institutions requesting motivational essays include:

essay motivationUniversities/colleges – Many academic institutions require essays on motivation from applicants to their programs as a standard part of the application procedure. The essay is used by admissions boards to help in the selection process.

essay motivationBursaries – Organizations and institutions that offer scholarships to students will usually request motivational essays from those applying for financial aid to attend college and university.

essay motivationCompanies – Some companies require job applicants to submit a motivational essay or cover letter along with their CV when applying for a position.

What to include in essays on motivation

Organizations that request applicants to submit motivational essays/letters may have some specific question or issue they wish addressed that is unique to the individual institution. The type of information will vary slightly depending on the type of institution. In general the information that applicants should put in a motivational letter,unless otherwise stated should include:

essay motivationWhy you are applying to that particular institution? In an applicant’s essay, motivation and reasons for applying to the particular institution instead of another are one of the main things that those reading the paper want to know.

essay motivationWhat qualities and traits do you have that make you a good choice as an applicant? Reviewers are looking for things that may not be reflected on a transcript or CV, but that would be considered an asset to the organization.

essay motivationWhat are some of your future goals? What specific plans do you have for the future and how does being accepted/hired by the organization specifically affect those plans.

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