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Basic guidelines when writing a motivational essay for college

motivational essay for collegeThe motivational essay for college can play an important role in the admissions process. Individual schools may have some slight variation in their essay requirements but essentially they are the same. The following are some basic guidelines that can be used for writing any motivational essay for university and college:

motivation essay for collegeResearch the college you are applying to. One of the things admissions boards most want to know is why you chose their school. Include something in your essay that will indicate that you have enough interest in the school to make the effort to do some research.

motivation essay for collegeProvide specific information about what aspects of the college attracted you. Is there a program they are noted for or do you have some connection to the school? Avoid flattery as it will be recognized for what it is.

motivation essay for collegeProvide information on particular qualities and traits you have that will be an asset. When claiming a quality/trait, provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated that trait.

motivation essay for collegeInclude some information on future career goals. Show how being accepted will affect your goals.

Things to avoid when writing a motivation essay for college

There are several mistakes that college applicants often make when writing a motivation essay for college. Avoiding the following mistakes will improve the chances of your essay making a good impression:

motivation essay for collegeUnderestimating how long it takes to write the essay – Although relatively short, a motivational essay for college may require many revisions to get it just right. A rushed paper will not be as good as one that you take time with.

motivation essay for collegeRepeating information included in other documents – Don’t make your essay a rewritten version of your school records or a simple list of accomplishments.

motivation essay for collegeFailing to follow simple requirements – If the college requests a maximum of 500 words on your essay that means no more than 500words. Not 550 words.

motivation essay for collegeNot proofreading – The essay is for admission to college. Basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are not acceptable.

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