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What to include in your motivational essay for university

motivational essay for universityA motivational essay is often required of university applicants, and is one of the factors used in admissions selections. For applicants it is a chance to directly address admission boards and make a case for why they should be accepted into a program. Admissions boards are looking for the answers to three questions in the motivation essay for university application:

motivation essay for universityWhy are you applying to study this course at this university? They want to know your reasons for choosing the course of study that you have, and what it is about their universities program that attracted you.

motivation essay for universityWhat qualities and traits do you possess that make you a good choice and an asset to the program? These should be qualities and traits that aren’t reflected in other documents such as transcripts and test scores.

motivation essay for universityWhat are some of your future goals? Admissions wants to know some specific goals you have and how being accepted into their program will affect those goals.

Common mistakes of motivation essay for university

There isn’t a specific way that is considered the one best method of writing a motivational essay for scholarship, as long as the schools individual guidelines are met. The following is a list of mistakes most commonly made by applicants:

motivation essay for universityNot being specific – Admissions boards always want specific information, including specific examples to back up statements in your essay.

motivation essay for universityRestating information from other documents – Avoid making your essay a repeat of your school records or a list of achievements. Admissions already has this information. Your essay should build on that information rather than repeat it.

motivation essay for universityNot customizing – Some applicants applying to more than one school don’t want to bother writing an essay for each application. They write a generic essay that they use on every application. This is usually spotted and reflects poorly on the applicant.

motivation essay for universityTrying to cover too many points – Focus on two or three points so they can be thoroughly covered.

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