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Purpose of writing a motivational paper

There are a number of different types of motivational papers. The approach you take to writing a paper on motivation will vary depending on which type it is. Some of the motivational papers you might encounter are:

motivation paperMotivational letters – Job applicants or applicants to some colleges and universities may have to write a motivation paper in the form of a motivational letter. These are generally shorter papers of a page or less, that provide your reasons for applying to a particular institution for work or study.

motivation paperPapers written to motivate – Motivational essays that provide the reader with reasons for doing something. It may be a particular job, accomplishing a particular goal or something else.

motivation paperAcademic papers on motivation – Research papers such as dissertations that may analyze types of motivation or some aspect of motivation.

Stages of Writing a Paper on Motivation

There may not be much similarity between the different types of motivation papers you have to write. However, no matter how different they are, there are some basic stages that writing the paper will go through. Those stages are:

motivation paperDetermine the purpose – What is the paper trying to accomplish? Its purpose may be to get you accepted to a school, support a thesis, motivate employees or something else but you need to know what the purpose is.

motivation paperResearch – A certain amount of research will be required. It may be as simple as determining what a company is looking for in a job applicant, or extensive research on different published theories of motivation.

motivation paperWriting the paper – Producing the first rough draft of the motivation paper.

motivation paperRevising – Whether it is a half page motivational letter or a 200 page dissertation, you should revise as many times as necessary until you are satisfied the paper is as good as you can make it.

motivation paperProofread for mechanical errors – Look for and correct mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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